Financial Resources & Assistance

Financial wellness is an integral part of overall wellness. Find resources in this section that aid in your own financial planning management as well as organizational funding grants for first responder needs.

Financial COP Training for all First Responders

The mission of FinancialCop is to build strong financial futures for fellow first responders using proven financial wellness training and fiduciary only comprehensive financial planning. Founded by retired Sergeant Nick Daugherty, the company operates the largest financial wellness training group in the country, teaching the class Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families, as well as providing fiduciary only comprehensive financial planning in states they are licensed to serve. 

To date, over 30,000 first responders from over 3,000 agencies have been through the in-person FinancialCop training, with thousands more attending the virtual FinancialCop training academy.

FinancialCop has partnered with the 100 Club of Illinois to offer the self-paced virtual FinancialCop Academy class free for all first responders and their families offering many tools and training on financial wellness. Course modules includes: 

  • How financial wellness is affecting your stress and work on duty
  • Introduction to Budgeting: how to use it to gain control of your money
  • Avoiding Debt Traps: reduction strategies and what debt costs you
  • Wills/ Living Wills/ Legacy GoBag: Preparing your family if the worst occurs
  • Life Insurance: purpose, planning, and how to avoid bad policies
  • Understanding Pensions & Retirement accounts
  • Retirement goals and how to get there utilizing your employer sponsored 457/401k/403b
  • How to interrogate financial planners: learn how they work and how to ask the right questions when interviewing one
  • Financial Pitfalls for First Responders
  • Financial Phases of Training: 8 training phases to financial freedom

To learn more about FinancialCop, visit their website or to access to the FinancialCop Academy complete the request form linked below.

100 CLub of Illinois frontline Funding Grants

Beyond the financial assistance provided to families of fallen first responders, the 100 Club of Illinois offers funding grants for active duty first responders and members to support mental health and wellness needs. These resources may be allocated for critical incident or mental wellness support services as well as resilience and wellness training needs. Frontline Funding Grants are available for individual first responders and departments.

Additional Financial Resources

First Responders Children’s Foundation

Financial assistance for first responder children’s educational scholarships, mental health counseling, and wellness resources.

Survive First

Financial assistance for first responder mental health treatment assistance.

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

Financial assistance for Firefighter/EMS/Dispatcher mental health treatment assistance.

Lighthouse for Public Safety – Financial Wellness toolbox

Financial education, planning, and resources for first responders and their families.

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