An Act Of Gratitude With A Lasting Impact

A simple act of kindness sparked a legacy of honoring the lives of first responders by supporting their families.

Our History

The story of the 100 Club Of Ilinois dates back to Detroit in 1950 when a police officer was seriously wounded by an attacker’s bullet. Bill Packer, a kind-hearted Detroit businessman, knew the officer and considered him a friend. He visited him in the hospital and was personally touched by his story and the selflessness of first responders who risked their lives every day.A short time later, he learned about the death of a young ex-marine, leaving behind a pregnant wife. Touched by the collapse of this bright family, he wrote to 100 friends asking them to contribute to a fund for the officer’s widow. Before leaving the hospital with her newborn, they handed her $7800 to help her with her debts. In 1952 Bill and some friends, struck by the economic burden that many of these families were left with in the wake of tragedy, came up with the idea of founding a club. As stated in the club charter, its purpose was to help provide for the widows and dependents of police officers and firefighters who lose their lives in the line of duty. The name comes from the 100 friends Bill Packer originally wrote to. Throughout the years, demands from others to be admitted were granted, but the name stayed the same. Since then, 100 Clubs have developed in many cities and countries around the world – including the 100 Club of Illinois. Since its inception, the 100 Club of Illinois has provided benefits to more than 300 families of fallen public safety professionals. Total benefits have exceeded $13 million. Bill Packer’s act of kindness has made a lasting difference in the lives and families of those who serve and protect us. This man’s vision continues to touch lives and make a difference long after his death.

Honoring Those Who Serve Us

The 100 Club of Illinois is committed to making a difference in the lives of first responders and their families. Acts of kindness like Bill’s can have far-reaching and transformative effects, and we urge you to remember that even the smallest act can make a big difference in the world. With your help, we carry forward Bill Packer’s legacy of honoring the lives of first responders by supporting their families. Join us today!
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