First Responder Training

The 100 Club of Illinois is excited to provide ongoing training opportunities to active duty first responders and departments. Wellness First trainings are coordinated with subject matter experts and scheduled by the Club. Check out the schedule and register below!

We strive to provide a series of ongoing trainings covering a variety of topics including: CIT; Peer Support; Department Wellness Initiatives; Individual Wellness and more. Our goal is to empower first responders to take the initiative for safety and wellness to perform their duties at their best capacity. Looking for a specific training topic? Please, make your requests and send a message to Danielle at [email protected]

Departments seeking specific wellness training or resources may also apply for our wellness funding.


Upcoming Wellness First Trainings:


How to Weave in Self-Care, Wellness and Faith into Your Busy Lifestyle with Rebecca Lynn, M.Ed.

Friday January 21, 10-11am: Webinar

Having a career as a first responder not only impacts the first responder but also the spouse. As a result, the impact of the job can cause more stress on the family unit and make it hard to find time for self-care, wellness and time to focus on your faith. In this webinar, we will discuss common challenges that first responders and their spouses experience when it comes to self-care and wellness. After discussing some of these common challenges, you will be offered some solutions which will help you increase self-care/wellness in your already busy lives.

Register here for Rebecca’s webinar.


Breaking the Barriers, changing the way we support the physical and mental health of police officers with Dr. Ronald A. Rufo EdD, FAIS

Tuesday March 1, 10-11am: Webinar

Unacceptably high rates of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and divorce have plagued the law enforcement profession for decades. Ask most police officers, firefighters, paramedics, prison guards, and anyone associated with police wellness and they will tell you “everything is fine.” Yet the rate of police suicide continues to climb because of the profession’s stigma against seeking help. Officers embrace their responsibility “to preserve and protect” by taking care of others … but who is taking care of them?

Hear from Dr. Ron Rufo, author, speaker, and a highly decorated, 22-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, explain why emotional wellness is as essential as officers’ tactical training. Topics shared from his session and book Breaking the Barrier, offer strategies to achieve and maintain emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness throughout an officer’s career. Several attendees will be randomly selected to win a free copy of Dr. Rufo’s book, Breaking the Barrier.

Register here for Ron’s webinar.

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Archived Wellness First Webinar Trainings:

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