First Responder Training

The 100 Club of Illinois is excited to provide ongoing training opportunities to active duty first responders and departments. Wellness First trainings are coordinated with subject matter experts and scheduled by the Club. Check out the schedule and register below!

We strive to provide a series of ongoing trainings covering a variety of topics including: CIT; Peer Support; Department Wellness Initiatives; Individual Wellness and more. Our goal is to empower first responders to take the initiative for safety and wellness to perform their duties at their best capacity. Looking for a specific training topic? Please, make your requests and send a message to Danielle at [email protected] 

Departments seeking specific wellness training or resources may also apply for our wellness funding


Upcoming Wellness First Trainings:

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Post Traumatic Growth with Amy Morgan

Monday August 9, 2-3pm: Webinar

Trauma can knock us down, and block us emotionally, but anything that knocks us down also gives us the opportunity to grow. This webinar will take a deep and serious look at the effects of trauma, and then will also help with the exploration of just how you can take a trauma and use it as a starting place for life changes and new growth. Taking an informal look at the after-effects of trauma, with the knowledge of all the possibilities, will help you plan a new direction using the trauma as a learning experience and a catalyst for positive change.

Register for Amy Morgan’s training here.


Men and Women of Steel: How A Superhero Culture Created An Emotional Health Epidemic with Clark Beckley

Monday August 23, 2-4pm: Webinar

First Responders commit suicide more frequently than the American public, yet are far more likely to suffer in silence, without seeking professional support. Historically, cultural norms and sociopolitical influences often craft formidable barriers to First Responders seeking timely clinical intervention and sustaining engagement in therapy. This workshop serves to identify, understand, and mitigate barriers while also identifying areas of transference and counter transference within the therapeutic relationship that jeopardizes rapport, motivation for support, and engagement.

Register for Clark Beckley’s training here.


First to Respond, Last to Seek Help with Dr. Stephen Odom

Thursday September 2, 2-3:30pm: Webinar

This behavioral health training will examine and help you to understand the causes, signs, and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury. This course also covers how occupational trauma affects you and your family and what can be done to heal and prevent further damage. Our topics and objectives will include: Understanding Culture, Climate & Stigma; Who we are: Myths, Legends & Today’s Realities; A Day in the Life: Burnout – Flameout – Shot-out; Little t traumas and Big T Traumas: The Crazy 188’s; How did my mind get injured: I didn’t feel a thing…; Secondary Trauma: How the job sticks to the family; Barriers and Pathways: Getting out of my own way; and Resiliency: Healing & preventing “stress plaque”.

Register Stephen Odom’s training here.


Suicide Explained + Prevention, Intervention & Postvention with Amy Morgan

Tuesday September 7, 2-4pm: Webinar

This webinar will provide an in-depth explanation of how an individual may begin to contemplate suicide as an option, what it takes to follow through with suicidal thoughts, and how prevention and treatment can help someone with the elements that cause thoughts of suicide. We will also discuss the signs of someone who may be having thoughts of suicide or reaching the point where their thinking may turn that direction, how to recognize someone who is in crisis, as well as how to conduct an intervention in order to help someone save their own life.  This is a difficult topic for some, and may trigger your own emotional responses if you have personal experience with suicide or if you have lost someone to suicide; however, the information provided is intended to help provide clarity and understanding, as well as enable attendees to help others in the future.

Register for Amy Morgan’s training here.


100 Club Fitness Challenge

April – August 2021: online social media campaign

Help us celebrate the 100 Club’s 55th Anniversary coming this August, with our Fitness Challenge. Tailor your workout to anything 55 related (55 steps, 55 minutes, 55 weights) and post a picture or video of yourself on social media completing the challenge. Tag the 100 Club of Illinois and nominate 5 friends to do the same! Helps us spread the word about wellness, fitness, and the mission of the 100 Club! 




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Archived Wellness First Webinar Trainings:

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