We Focus On Our First Responders’ Safety And Wellness

The 100 Club of Illinois is excited to provide ongoing training opportunities to active duty first responders and departments. Wellness First training programs are coordinated with subject matter experts and scheduled by the Club. We strive to provide a series of ongoing training covering a variety of topics including CIT; Peer Support; Department Wellness Initiatives; Individual Wellness and more. Our goal is to empower first responders to take the initiative for safety and wellness to perform their duties at their best capacity. 

Upcoming FIRST RESPONDER TrainingS and events






Did you miss out on a previous First Responder Wellness First webinar? Watch training videos of previously recorded events.

STANDARD TRAININGS LED By 100 club of illinois


An informational and engaging session that provides family members a deeper understanding of the stressors that come with the first responder lifestyle and offer tips and strategies to support optimal family dynamics such as scheduling, balancing home and work responsibilities, communication, and stress and trauma.

Wellness as an operations plan

Wellness overview with a performance lens. The purpose is to understand an individual’s and their peers’ wellness goals and needs, discover support systems and red flags, and empower participants to bring back a dialogue of first responder wellness in their department and/or peer support communities.

Line of Duty & Critical Incident Response, Policies, and Protocols

Walk through steps to best prepare for and respond to a critical incident line of duty death or injury to ensure the best possible outcome for your agency. This course reviews considerations for the preventative measures, polices, responses, and lessons learned from enduring a critical incident. Walk through a time line of post incident needs throughout the first 24 hours, 48 hours, week, and beyond will be offered along with recommended guidelines and suggested policies and procedures for providing and effective and thorough response. Work through sample procedures to customize for your department’s needs and talk through unique factors or specifications for your agency.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Finding a Provider That Works

Determining if you (or a co-worker) needs support and what that looks like can be a daunting task. Understanding what types of resources are available, where to find them, and how to find the best fit can make that process much easier. This workshop will add to your resources list and toolbox and help you talk with providers, peers, and yourself to build effective and supportive connections during times of need.

Agency Wellness Program Assessment Tool

Building and maintaining your department strategy for wellness takes a multi-faceted approach. Walk through strategies for essential topics including physical fitness, mental health, family support programs, stress management, financial wellness and peer support to add to the possibilities your wellness program has to offer.

Empowering The Peer Supporter

Refresh sessions for active peer support members can be hard to come by for many reasons. Use this workshop session to reconnect with your peer support role, navigate ups and downs that come with serving in this capacity, and gain insight on resources available.

Beginning and Implementing an Effective Peer Support Program

Starting or strengthening a department peer support program involves a variety of considerations to ensure a reliable, productive program. Walk through a check-list of program considerations, peer support program roles, and available resources to help build your peer support program. Walk away with networking and collaboration opportunities with other peer support programs, providers, and trainers.

Looking For A Specific Training Topic?

 Please, make your requests and send a message to Caitlyn at cbrennan@100ClubIL.org or Danielle at dbrengel@100clubIL.org. Departments seeking specific wellness training or resources may also apply for our wellness funding..

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