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Trauma and Resilience with Dr. Tania Glenn

Trauma and Resilience is designed to educate on the types and effects of stress that confront professionals who serve in stressful occupations. This workshop employs hands-on, reality-based examples that are both useful and enlightening for first responders, as well as lessons learned from Tania’s experiences. Participants will be provided with the necessary tools to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of stress, to recognize the types of incidents that will need follow-up care, and effective ways for managing stress.

Watch Dr. Tania Glenn’s training here.


Work-Life Balance for First Responders with Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

Is shift work or late-night shift difficult on family life?  How about the second job or other work-related events?  This workshop will help you identify your priorities in life so you can properly adjust a few old habits. Participants learn how work-life balance is available to them and how they can take a few steps toward balance before the end of the presentation.

Watch Dr. Donnie Hutchinson’s training here.


Avoiding Burnout in a Challenging Work Environment with Amy Morgan

First Responders are exposed to a wide variety of challenging environments, with challenging interactions being the norm rather than the exception. Careers dealing with emergency and disaster response are more likely to experience pressure and stress brought about by the very nature of the job. This training will emphasize the importance of maintaining several areas of health as we reflect on how we all show up to the world, and how our well-being impacts our relationships and performance on the job. It will help attendees to reflect on their self-care and wellness through self-assessment activities. We will define strength and health, and discuss what causes the progression of burnout and fatigue, with the goal of prevention.

Watch Amy Morgan’s training here.


Addressing PTI Before It Becomes PTSD with Tom Howard

We all know that PTSD is an issue within the first responder community. I believe that while it is important to address the issue and help those that are struggling, I also think that we need to do a better job of recognizing and addressing the many precursing issues. Join me in a discussion about the many issues of Post Traumatic Injury and learn strategies how to address it before it becomes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Watch Tom Howard’s training here.


Fitness & Nutrition for Resilient First Responders with Aaron Zamzow

Building a resilient mind starts with building a resilient body. Aaron Zamzow will explain the correlation between physical and mental health. Attendees will learn: what the research shows on mental health and its relationship with fitness and nutrition; how to use proper nutrition to build a more resilient mind; what are the “best” steps to help build a resilient body and mind. Aaron has also included a 28-day workout program for all attendees that will help them apply the concepts of the seminar to improve their own level of resilience.  A question-and-answer session will follow the seminar for those that are interested.

Watch Aaron Zamzow’s training here.