The Proud Police Wife is founded and run by Rebecca Lynn, law enforcement spouse and mother of three. As a police wife for 15+ years, she knows the obstacles that first responder families may face. Through her abundant resources you will find support and encouragement as well as solutions for the challenges you may face.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I am Rebecca- a blogger, author, mother of 3, former elementary school teacher and wife of a law enforcement officer. 

If you are a fellow law enforcement spouse/girlfriend, then I am sure we have a ton in common! Being married to a law enforcement officer is a lifestyle and it makes us incredibly flexible, independent and strong. I left my career in education to stay home with my children and now have a career as a writer providing support and resources to law enforcement families. This community is a place of encouragement, support, and motivation for all law enforcement wives and families.

As a police wife for 15+ years, I know how hard each obstacle of this life can be. You get lonely, you feel frustrated that non-law enforcement don’t understand our life, you may be a “solo” parent. All of these things I talk about and help you solve, each week, when I send out my weekly newsletter. Don’t miss out- Join my newsletter now! I will even send you “Top 10 Ways to Rock Police Wife Life” as my gift to you for joining!

From support for you, the police wife, to encouragement and solutions for your struggles, I guarantee you will find something you resonate with. So, get comfy, grab a sweet treat or coffee, and start reading. If you are a fellow police spouse then remember, we are in this together. We stand united and we all walk along this thin blue line!

If you want to see the ins and outs of my life as a police wife, I share about it in my stories daily on Instagram and through funny reels. Come say hi on the gram!

You’ve got this,


proud police wife conference – free lifetime access

As a valued member of our first responder community, we understand the unique challenges and sacrifices your family makes every day. That’s why we’re excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you and your loved one to sign up for a Lifetime Pass to the Sixth Annual Police Wife Conference for free!

The conference is designed specifically to support and empower the families of our first responders. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • The conference is a 100% online, virtual conference
  • You can join the conference live or anytime after with your Lifetime Pass
  • Keynote speaker: Tanya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, American Sniper

You will get to hear from expert speakers from within the first responder communities on: retirement transitioning, understanding your spouse’s world, the role spouse’s play in wellness, avoiding burnout, and so many more. Session titles and speakers include:

  • Addressing Burnout as a First Responder Family with Deana Kahle, LMFT
  • The Critical Role Spouses Play in Officer Wellness with Dr. Rachelle Zemlok
  • Legal Tips for How to Navigate Challenges an Officer May Face in His/Her Department with Bridget Truxillo, JD
  • Understanding Trauma as a Law Enforcement Spouse with Garrett TeSlaa
  • Fast, Easy Meals and Nutrition Tips That Support Shift Work with Raina Beugelink
  • Retirement Transition & What to Expect as a Law Enforcement Family with Vicki Gustafson
  • Helping Law Enforcement Parents Understand the Impact of the Career on their Children with Jill Newman
  • Supporting Your Spouse After a Critical Incident and Faith-Based Encouragement with Fran Graham
  • How to Support A Police Spouse When You Don’t Understand Their World with Danielle & Brett Koss
  • Your Most Asked Questions about Police Wife Life Answered with Rebecca Lynn
  • How to Align Sexual Connection in a Law Enforcement Relationship with Cyndi Doyle, LPC

The Annual Police Wife Conference is created and hosted by Rebecca Lynn, the owner of Proud Police Wife, the blog, podcast, and social channels.

Click on the Proud Police Wife Conference Registration button and use code 100CLUBIL to get your free Lifetime Pass.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!

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