Many state, national, and international first responder associations are focusing on mental wellness and resilience efforts to support first responders excel in their careers. Find unique resources offered within these professional networks to help you, your agency, and your family thrive.

International & National

First REsponder Association Networks

INternational Association of Chiefs of Police

IACP, as the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders, is committed to advancing the safety of communities worldwide.

INternational Association of Fire Chiefs


INternational Association of Fire Fighters


National Fraternal Order of Police

The Division of Wellness Services of the National Fraternal Order of Police is committed to leading efforts to ensure the well-being of law enforcement officers through a PRE-ACT approach. 

Illinois First Responder Networks and Associations

Illinois Sheriffs’ Association

An organization of peace officers, with the highest priority to protect lives, property, and to make communities safer places to live, work, and raise children.

Illinois Association of CHiefs of Police

ILACP is Illinois’ voice of professional law enforcement. Established in 1941, ILACP represents more than 1,400 law enforcement leaders throughout the State.

Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal

The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal is dedicated to working with partners and providing assistance to the fire service in the protection of life, property, and environment.

Illinois Fire Service Institute

The Illinois Fire Service Institute has sought to change the fire service culture relative to mental health and resiliency by adding resiliency training.

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