Peer Support

Peer Supporters are trained colleagues who are provided education, tools, and experiences that give them skillsets to assist coworkers and other first responders navigating day to day struggles, work related stressors and traumas, family issues, and even critical incident response. Peer supporters come in all ranks, specialities, years on the job, and professions within the first responder field. Some individuals find it helpful to talk to someone they know in the exact same line of work, whereas others find it helpful to talk with someone they don’t know or someone that has a parallel first responder background. Each person is different and being able to find someone you are comfortable to connect with is most important. 

Finding a Department Peer Support Program

Looking for an agency to reach out to about a peer support need, critical incident response, or building out your own peer support program? Use this directory of department peer support programs to contact agency coordinators for assistance.

Looking to add your agency to this directory? Complete this Peer Support Directory submission form.

Are you a Peer Support Member?

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