Officer Lee R. Seward

December 30, 1987

Written by 100Clubillinois

Police Officer Lee Seward, 43, was a 16-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 023 District. On December 30, 1987, Officer Seward and his partner, Patricia Cosgrove, responded for the second time to an apartment building in the 4000 block of North Sheridan Road.

Earlier in the day, the partners had visited the apartment after a tenant called police to report a neighbor banging on her door.  When the officers arrived at the scene for the second time, the offender, John Rogers, 24, resisted arrest.  While Officer Cosgrove radioed for backup, Rogers scuffled with Officer Seward.  As Officer Seward attempted to handcuff Rogers, the offender used his free hand to remove the officer’s service weapon from his broken holster.

Officer Seward backed away from the offender, but Rogers fired at the officer.  Officer Cosgrove pulled her bleeding partner to the shelter of a hallway.  Officers arriving for assistance heard the gunfire erupt as they raced up the stairs.  Rogers turned off the lights in his bedroom and attempted to shoot the responding officers.  They returned gunfire and Rogers died at the scene.  Officer Seward was pronounced dead upon arrival at Weiss Memorial Hospital.

Officer Seward is survived by his wife, Michaelene; and a son, Lee Jr.

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