Officer Gregory I. Young

September 18, 1997

Written by 100Clubillinois

Officer Gregory Ivan Young was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. Officer Young was seated in his car when he was approached by two assailants who attempted to rob him. He identified himself as a police officer and was then engaged in a gunfight. He was able to wound one attackers before being fatally wounded. The second gunman was later taken into custody.

Officer Young’s killer was convicted and sentenced to death. On January 10, 2003, the governor at the time, George Ryan commuted his sentence, along with those of all 164 other inmates on death row, to life in prison as his last act in office.

Officer Gregory Young is survived by his wife, daughter, son; parents, four sisters, and three brothers. His daughter followed in her father’s footsteps and became a member of the Chicago Police Department.

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