Lieutenant Patrick Hannon

January 15, 2011

Written by 100Clubillinois

On January 15, 2011, Chicago Lieutenant Patrick Hannon was found unresponsive at his firehouse and later died in the hospital due to natural causes. Hannon, 51, was working at Truck 8 at 2528 S. Throop Street at the time (4th District, 15th Battalion).

Lt. Patrick B. Hannon‚ 51‚ entered the Chicago Fire Department on his birthday in December 1988. He said it was one of the best days of his life. Prior to working with Chicago‚ Pat worked in Yosemite as a firefighter. While he was there he climbed El Capitan (a 5‚800 foot vertical wall) on several occasions in Yosemite National Park.

When Pat started in Chicago he went to Truck Company 8. During his career he also worked at Truck Company 17 and Squad 1. After being promoted to lieutenant he relieved in the 1st and 4th districts until he found himself assigned to Truck Company 8 again. Pat was high on the list to be promoted to captain just before he passed away. Pat earned many awards for his services. He loved being a firefighter.

He also loved a good game of golf‚ a stinky cigar‚ and a good laugh. Pat comes from a large family and leaves behind his parents‚ Lynn and Bernard‚ and his six brothers and sisters. In 1989‚ Pat met his wife‚ Michelle‚ while he was working T8 and she on Ambulance 19. They married and had two beautiful daughters‚ Katherine (‘Katie’) and Bridget. Pat’s girls were his biggest pride and joy. He loved attending their sporting events and concerts. He always had a video camera on hand and showered them with words of encouragement.

Pat was a morning person‚ and every morning he would wake us up with‚ ‘UP‚ UP‚ THE SUN IS UP. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE HANNON HOUSE UNLIKE MOST DAYS.’ His belly laugh was infectious as well as entertaining. His whereabouts were never a mystery due to his signature whistling.

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